The Exigent Duality
Android and Androids - 16:43 CDT, 4/11/12 (Sniper)
For all I know this might end up being a good game, but I do find it strange that they portray a guy sitting on the toilet playing it at the end of the trailer-- that's about the highest quality Android or iOS game I've seen: a toilet game. You would think they'd want to dispel that image, not reinforce it.

On a different note, what Romney needs to say to put Obama off guard is this: "Ok Mr. President, fine, for the sake of this debate I'll grant you your class warfare 'extra special taxes for the top 1%'. But that accounts for less than 100 billion dollars, in a projected 7 trillion dollar deficit over the next decade. What's your plan for after the class warfare?"

Obama has absolutely zero substance behind him-- if you could grant him his rhetoric and in turn force him away from his constant vagueness and empty promises, and to dig deep for concreteness, I don't think it'd be terribly difficult to expose him as the manipulative fraud that he is. Romney will just need to be on top of his game during the debates.

Romney should also point out incessantly that Obama is also a "rich" guy. It will be very important to nip that entire line of arguing in the bud straight from the get-go. He also needs to come up with a concise way of educating people-- I know you can't teach macroeconomics in thirty second intervals, but he needs to prepare some statements to explain the rationale behind things such as Paul Ryan's GOP budget.

Thankfully, Romney is a pretty smooth debater, he even got the better of Gingrich in a couple of the GOP debates, so I'm holding out hope that when the time comes, his skills can make the difference.
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